About Remote God

Remote God is an independent composer / producer, singer & rapper, multi-instrumentalist, poet, and writer.

Music –¬†original, new music - is the centerpiece of Remote God’s creative life and work. He brings order to the anxiety and chaos of life through the gradual mastery of pure audio creation.

Influences and themes stretch broadly from the electronic vistas of Aphex Twin and Deadmau5; from the punch and snarl of Led Zeppelin to the great open prairie at the heart of Neil Young’s farm songs; Remote God is a musician roundly schooled by the rhymes of the great wordsmiths GZA and Bob Dylan… and he ventures all the way back to the rich polyphony of J.S. Bach and the infinite power of Beethoven’s symphonies, the darkness and oceanic mystery of Chopin’s Nocturnes for piano.

Words and writing also form a large body of his creative work.

Born in 1987, Remote God has been a musician his entire life. He currently lives and works in Austin, TX. You can contact him here.

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