I found last night’s Bach-style MIDI synth riff to be a great way to experiment with the sounds I can build from the Moog Mother-32. With the MIDI instructions looping from my computer into the synth, I could manually adjust knobs, switches, and patch cables to my heart’s content - each variation producing incredible new sounds over my Rokit-6 studio monitors

I’ve picked some of the most interesting results to share with you tonight.

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Sometimes the synth was running without effects, but often I piped it through a Moog MF Analog Delay or Analogman King of Tone Overdrive.

Each variation is a tiny window into the sounds available in the Mother-32. It certainly has a consistent ‘sound’, but within that sound are an infinite gradation of possibilities.

I included the original version as the first track and saved the best variation for last, with a couple special twists. Check them all out - it’s a quick listen!

Track 6 Note: I don’t have much practice using a sidechain compressor (much less automating one, as I tried in this track), so it’s a bit heavy-handed. Still, makes me want to dance - and, I’ve never heard quite the same sounds before - and that’s what counts.

“What artists need is an endless resource, full of rough edges and dimly-lit nooks and crannies that one can explore as one sees fit.” - Dr. Robert Moog –

Hear more! These riffs are variations on a variation taken from an idea from the bigger track in Part 2. I turned the synth brass tone of track 6 into this peaceful and lush chorale piece.

Which version is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and happy listening!

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